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Eat Healthy, Eat Vietnamese – A Takeout Option For Conscious Eaters

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Broomfield, Colorado has no shortage of options when it comes to dining out, food delivery or takeaway. These are numerous restaurants offering mouth-watering food.

One such restaurant is Pho 78 Broomfield, which offers people a taste of authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Click here to browse through our menu.

Unlike the multitude of restaurants and fast food joints out there, Pho 78 Broomfield serves healthy food. It is a real treat for health-conscious people who want to eat healthily but don't want to compromise on flavor.

Traditional Vietnamese food staples are vegetables, rice, and fish cooked either through steaming or stir-frying. These two cooking methods are perfect in preserving the nutrients present in the food. Also, they use little to no oil.

Vietnamese food also includes different types of meat, rice noodles, or other rice dishes, and Nuoc Mam. This condiment is a fish sauce made from salted and fermented anchovies. Vietnamese people have the same fixation to it that Chinese have to soy sauce. Nuoc Mam packs a real kick of flavor and is often the base note of all dishes.

Two drawbacks in Vietnamese cuisine are the lack of dairy products and the use of MSG. However, the low use of sodium all but makes up for it.

Our unhealthy lifestyle and food consumption have resulted in deteriorating health. Due to the shortage of time, most people end up gobbling takeout food. However, that usually consists of meals that have high quantities of salt and fats. Vietnamese takeout is a healthier option for people who don’t have the time to cook.

Anyone suffering from high blood pressure or cholesterol can comfortably dine out with their family at Pho 78 Broomfield, without worrying about their next doctor’s visit.

Packed with nutrients and minerals, Vietnamese food is low-fat and gluten-free, which boosts the immune system and helps in losing weight. Obesity is a big problem in the US, mainly because of the plus-sized meal options and lack of a balanced diet. However, exchanging fried chicken and junk food for a bowl of pho can be just the change your body needs.

Vietnamese food gives you a kick of energy and keeps you looking young. Also, it regulates blood sugar and improves digestion. Healthy, strong hair is an added benefit. The vegetables, herbs, and fruit in a Vietnamese diet ensure this.

Anyone and everyone who eats out a lot understands the struggle of maintaining a proper diet. A good meal at a local restaurant usually is followed by extra time at the gym the next day to keep a trimmed waist.

With Vietnamese food, you don’t have to worry about the fat depositing on your thighs or tummy. You can order delicious dishes every day of the week and not worry about stacking on the pounds!

For those leading a vegetarian lifestyle, many dishes look vibrant and have an aroma that can get you salivating from a mile away.

The best part – it won’t break the bank. Vietnamese food is cheap and consists mainly of fresh local produce. This allows the cost to be much lower than many other options. It is a great way to consume wholesome food made from the freshest ingredients without having to cook yourself or spending loads on a diet plan.

Book a table at Pho 78 Broomfield and see for yourself what the hype is of Vietnamese food in the Broomfield, Colorado food scene.

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