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Why You Should Try Vietnamese Food

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

It’s lunchtime at work. You are hungry or need a break, and join some buddies heading out to grab a bite.

And then the inevitable question comes up; what’s for lunch?

Choosing something to eat is not easy. You have to factor in budget, time, taste, and health concerns.

So if you’re tired of your everyday lunch options, why not head to Pho 78 Broomfield for some amazing Vietnamese food in Broomfield, Colorado? Click here to check out our lunch menu or order online.

Today, we will list some reasons why you try Vietnamese food if you haven't already done so.


Vietnamese food is sweet, spicy, salty, pungent, and bitter. All these sensations figure prominently in Vietnamese cuisine, which means you have lots of variety for every mood and craving.

With a cooking tradition going back hundreds of years, you have several Vietnamese menu items to choose from without repeating a dish.

Spice It Up

Part of the headache of ordering lunch is to pin down the exact variety. Do you want it mild, medium, or spicy?

With Vietnamese cuisine, you get most dishes with basic herbs and spices and little or no chili peppers. It’s up to you to spice things up according to your taste preferences.

Vietnamese diners offer fresh chilies, sauces, pastes, and spicy oils on the side so one can turn up the right amount of heat based on personal taste and spice tolerance.

Endless Variety of Noodles

Moving on, many think Asian cuisine is all about rice, rice, and more rice. But Vietnamese food also features an endless variety of noodles. These include egg noodles, rice-based noodles, elbow macaroni, thick, thin, stringy, and flat noodles. You name it!

Get Some Nutrients

Nowadays, most professionals opt for healthy options for office lunches. Well, Vietnamese cuisine comes packed with nutrients, offering a balanced diet. You get lots of fresh herbs and condiments, and vegetarian options are easy to find on a Vietnamese menu.

Another thing you’ll notice about Vietnamese food is that it’s light on the belly. Even after a hearty lunch, you will not feel bloated, thanks to broths, light sauces, and vegetables. In the case of meats and seafood, Vietnamese people prefer to marinate and grill rather than frying in oil.

The bottom line is that you wouldn’t get sleepy after a Vietnamese lunch!

Try Something Familiar

Finally, Vietnamese cuisine features influences from all over the world. So if you don’t find something interesting on the menu, you can always go for something familiar like steak, eggs, hams, and sausages. Not to mention, Vietnamese restaurants feature some of the best sandwiches out there.

Overall, Vietnamese food engages the five senses with its aroma, colors, and taste, offering a unique dining experience. And it also provides excellent value for money.

For all these reasons, you can try out Vietnamese cuisine for your office lunch and see how it goes. And if you’re in Broomfield, Colorado, click here to check our Vietnamese lunch menu at Pho 78 Broomfield.

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